"Within any given environmental context, there exists a multitude of variations." 

I have been working with this concept for many years while striving to reach a purity in creative expression. I continually explore the idea of unlimited creative possibilities within strong boundaries. I limit certain factors such as my color palette and working with resources that are available in the moment.

I aim to have no pre-conceived notion of the finished object.  My job, as the artist, is to be aware of the available choices and to make aesthetic decisions. There are a number of concepts I have been working with consistently for over 40 years, including:

"Available Resources" -  I believe there is meaning and purpose to the particular time and space within which I find myself.  I use my vision and intuition to select from the physical materials at hand, whether they be found objects from nature, abandoned furniture, purchased items, or "personal found objects" from my own life, including tools and leftovers from previous pieces.  I also consider "available resources" to include all the stored learning and skills attained over the years that I bring to each piece.

"A Given Environmental Context" is the overall space available and the format that will determine the shape for the object to be created.  Limiting my context allows for limitless possibilities of creative expression.  I have certain constraints I have established for my work, including the use of only 5 colors, as well as working with certain numbers and grids. I begin each individual piece by creating a new context, for example by building a wooden structure which then becomes the arena for free creative expression.  Once the context is set, the object organically takes shape as I make conscious choices in every moment while constructing, assembling and painting.

"Collected Moments" are those experiences, both real and imagined, that occur during the construction of the object and become integrated into the piece.


Trained as a professional sculptor, DovBer Marchette has been a working artist for 50 years, exploring original ideas about the creative process. Currently he works mainly in 3D assemblages of wood, paint, and objects, as well as painting, drawing and photography.


He studied at Mass College of Art and California College of Art and taught Studio Art and 20th Century Art History at the Art Institute of Boston for sixteen years. In addition to teaching at the college level, he has developed unique methods of teaching art to children and adults.



  • Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA - BFA 1976

  • California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA 1971

Individual Exhibitions

  • CONCEPT CONTEXT CONTENT, Goodnow Library, Sudbury, MA, Nov 1-30 2019

  • CONCEPT CONTEXT CONTENT, Palazzo Del Governo, Piazza Duomo-Pistoia, Oct 31-Nov 17 2019

  • CONCEPT CONTEXT CONTENT, Villa Bottini, Lucca, Italy, May 8-26 2019

  • CONCEPT CONTEXT CONTENT, Villa Schiff, Montignoso, Italy, September 28 2018

  • CONCEPT CONTEXT CONTENT, Galleria Cesare Olmastroni, Palazzo Patrizi, Siena, Italy, November 6-26 2017

  • Dome Gallery, Cambridge MA 2015

  • Windmill Gallery, West Dennis MA 2014

  • Art Institute of Boston 1980

  • Boston City Hall 1977

  • Josiah Haynes School, Sudbury, MA 1975

  • Massachusetts College of Art, Boston 1975

  • Kenneth Taylor Gallery, Nantucket MA 1970

Group Exhibitions

  • MassArt Alumni Juried Biennial Show 2017

  • Jewish Community Center, Stoughton, MA 1989

  • Art Institute of Boston 1979/80/81

  • Duchamp Festival Invitational - Cambridge Art Assn. 1979

  • School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 1978

  • Boston University Gallery 1978

  • Boston City Hall Gallery - N.E. Sculptors Assn. 1978

  • Copley Society of Boston 1977

  • Boston University Gallery 1974

  • Fitchburg Museum of Art - Juried Exhibition 1974

  • Judas Magnus Museum, Berkley, CA 1971

  • Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston 1970

  • New Haven Art Festival Juried, New Haven, CT 1970

  • Kenneth Taylor Gallery, Nantucket, MA 1969

  • Prudential Center, Boston - N.E. Sculptors Assn. 1969

  • Grossman's, Braintree, ma - Direct Welded Invitational 1968

Permanent Collections and Commissions

  • Villa Schiff, Montignoso, Italy

  • Judas Magnus Museum, Berkley, CA

  • Temple Beth El, Sudbury, MA

  • Josiah Haynes School, Sudbury, MA

  • Cushner & Cushner (Law Firm), Boston, MA

  • A Happy Tie Corp (Manufacturer), New York

  • Private Collections - MA, CA, AZ, NY

Temporary Environmental Installations

  • Art Institute of Boston - "Vinculum Crosswalk" and "48 Modern Minutes" 1985

  • Art Institute of Boston "Air Bridge" 1984

  • Town of Sudbury, Heritage Park 1980

  • Boston Art Festival on the Boston Common 1978

  • City of Cambridge, Charles River Festival 1978

  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Classical Sculpture Courtyard 1978


Grants and Awards

  • Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities: Honorarium 1980

  • Town of Sudbury, MA - Artist in Residence 1979/80

  • Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Artist in Residence 1978

  • Elbanobscot Foundation: Federal  Environmental Studies Grant 1978

  • Artist Foundation Fellowship: Finalist 1976


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